How does Chlorine Dioxide work?

Chlorine Dioxide is attracted to microorganisms and will attach itself to the germ or virus. It will suck the ions from the virus and essentially starve the molecule of oxygen. This will disrupt the cell membrane and the molecule will die. Mold, bacteria and viruses cannot live after being sprayed with chlorine dioxide.

Is Chlorine Dioxide safe?

Yes, It is safe a very specific parts per million. It’s a powerful chemical and should only be mixed and handled by a trained professional.

After we mix the chlorine dioxide to a specific parts per million, it is safe to use in a spray bottle. This can be sprayed on carpets, sofa (including leather), doors, walls, keyboards, etc… If you are unsure if you can spray it on something specific, call us and we can help.

During fogging additional precautions must be taken due to the risk of inhalation of a large concentration of the solution. The fogging process releases the solution in a cloud that hangs in the air as it cleanses. It is not safe to breathe in at this time.  Our technicians will come equipped with approved respirators for the application of the solution.  Once the solution has dried (approx 30 mins), it is safe for anyone to enter the cleansed area again.

What can Chlorine Dioxide disinfect?


It’s safe for all hard and soft surfaces. It’s even used in most municipal drinking systems.

Think of all your daily touched items. Phones, keyboards, tablets, menus, chairs, floors, carpets etc…

Feel free to call us for specific examples.

How do I prep for a cleaning?

All loose papers should be put away. The moisture content in the air during a cleaning will wrinkle and curl the papers.

Regular computer systems, photocopiers, tablets, POS systems, plants, fabric, leather and lacquer finishes are safe during a fogging. Let us know if there is any equipment that is sensitive to moisture.

No clean up required. The chlorine dioxide solution will dissolve into a saline and dry.

What is the cost?

Cost is based on square footage of the space. Some exceptions are based on how many visits you require. Please email or give us a call for a quote for your facility.

How long do we need to be out of the space?

Drying time is dependent on the size of your facility

Typical 800 square foot office will take about 30 minutes to let the fog settle and disinfect. We do a second check to make sure we covered all areas.

Cars and trucks will be completed in about 10 minutes. We cover seat belts, vent systems, steering and all upholstery. It’s disinfected for the next driver.